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I am currently a marine educator on my way to grad school in the next year or so. I want to be an industrial chemist and I want to make things that might make peoples lives better. I love to talk and write and think and dream about science!

Science Literacy and Language

A longstanding pet peeve of mine is the misuse of the word chemicals. A chemical is not a very specific noun. Its definition does not imply toxicity and the word does not have a moral weight. Chemicals are not bad … Continue reading

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Would you like a little chemistry trivia with that?

Plenty of elements are named after geographical locations. Erbium, Terbium, Ytterbium, and Yttrium were all named after Ytterby, Sweden where minerals containing these elements were found.

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When Scientists Pack Their Bags for Wall Street

While researching grad school and career options, I came cross a few articles on the surprisingly high number of graduated scientists that go to careers in finance after they receive their PhDs. The newly graduated scientists have the math skills, the drive, and the determination … Continue reading

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Science Memes

I was recently writing my statement of purpose and thought it might be a good idea to include a quote that might describe why I want to go to graduate school. Starting with something that someone else said seemed like … Continue reading

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Applying to Grad School: Writing a Statement of Purpose

I am applying to grad school for Fall 2013, and have been blogging about the whole process. Here is a recap of what I’ve done so far (partly to make myself feel like I’ve done a lot of work): I … Continue reading

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Making Your Science Life Public

I have recently been wondering whether blogging about science is seen as a good or bad thing in grad school (and in the business world). I try to publish articles that I not only wouldn’t mind a potential adviser or … Continue reading

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Applying to Grad School: The Curriculum Vitae

Most students will need to ready their resumes or curriculum vita (CV) for the first time as they apply to graduate school. I already had several versions of resumes and CVs prepared, but realized that I still had to whip … Continue reading

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