Return to Grad School: First Weeks Back

While my friend and the other author of this blog is working through the application process for grad school, I am three weeks into my return to grad school.  So far my first weeks back in graduate school have been full of a bit of good and a bit of bad.  Its hard to describe how it feels to return to something that you have already tried before.  Couple that with moving over a thousand miles from home and all the people that you know.  So it has been an interesting few weeks.

Lets start with the upside to the grad school adventure.  If you are anything like me then moving a thousand miles away from home is an adventure, and something that just seems like the right thing to do.  Moving to a new city and experiencing a new culture is something everyone should do at least once in life.  Also, it helps having been through the whole grad school thing once before, I have done the TA thing already, as well as having been a part of a research group before.  The best perk so far is the number of classes that I was given credit for from my last grad school experience.

Then there are the downsides to returning to graduate school.  For starters moving to an entirely new city, thousands of miles away, means that everyone I know is a thousand miles away.  And while I do enjoy making new friends, it is not always the easiest of tasks.  There is also the hurdle of being a bit older than the rest of the incoming class.  While I spent the summer leading up to this worrying about the wasted time that restarting my program and taking a year off caused, and the effect that it would have on my career as a whole.  Well instead I should have been concerned with being the oldest person in my class.  Apparently this is the only memorable fact that some of my new class mates have learned about me.  So being constantly called old and left out of fair number of things really helps with that feeling of being an outcast and alone that always seems to creep up when you are living some where new.

So I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 the first few weeks back at grad school is a sold 5.  I would say that’s not to bad considering a new city, new school and a shit ton of people that I don’t know.  As far as school goes things are great, but as usual in life its the social side that is a bit more difficult.


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I am a big fan of chemistry, well science in general really. I am currently gearing to go after that elusive PhD in Chemistry. For now though I write about all things geeky or science that I find interesting, or think the world should know. All the while secretly hoping to find a blue police box when I round a corner one day.
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